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Regina Kempster

Who is Regina Kempster?

Great Question! I have come to believe that I am an Educational Entrepreneur. Now you are wondering, What is an Educational Entrepreneur?! I believe it is someone who has a passion for learning, for gaining new skills and for assisting others with this knowledge to help them achieve their goals; whatever they may be.  And in honor for my love of organizing I attempt to develop a plan that promotes efficiency.

What is your background?

I am sure you are wondering what qualifies me to make the above statement. Click here for a little history about me:

How have you assisted others?

Within Organizing I have assisted a variety of individuals create a new space that is efficient and a space they can fully enjoy. Click here for examples:

In regards to Social Media I have assisted Business Owners and Professionals be prepared for marketing with today's standards. Click here for examples:

What is your Mission?

Life has become extremely busy, which in turn creates all kinds of chaos. My position is to assist business owners and individuals in reclaiming their lives by helping them to become more efficient. And with efficiency comes the opportunity to have available time to spend with family and on much needed personal downtime.

Specialties: Social Media, Space Planning and Reorganization, Improved Management of Paper and Electronic Files, Home Staging, Downsizing, Estate Organizing, Administrative Assistance, Time Management